Mistakes and fraudulent activity on your Credit Report can cost you thousands!

Check your Experian® Report for accuracy. Plus, let us watch your Credit Report every day for you, and alert you when changes are detected.

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Daily Detection
We scan your Credit Report daily to to help you catch errors and fraudulent activity sooner.

Powerful Protection
With $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance Coverage1.

Rapid Resolution
If necessary, a dedicated Identity Theft Resolution Agent will help you cut through the red tape.

Global Leader
Experian® is a world leader in protecting personal information.

Did You Know?
The FTC recommends monitoring your Credit Report regularly for early detection of identity theft. We monitor your Credit Report every day, for added protection.
For Parents:
Adults aren't the only victims of identity theft - kids are the new target. Now you can protect your children with ChildSecureSM as part of your ProtectMyID.com membership. For a nominal monthly fee, you can rest easier knowing that your children's identities are safe and secure.
Top 3 Reasons to Watch Your Credit
  1. Mistakes on your Report can hurt your Credit Score and cost you money
  2. Early signs of fraud and identity theft often appear on your Credit Report
  3. Catching fraud and identity theft early can save you time, money and effort
What You Get With ProtectMyID
  • Your Experian Credit Report
  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Email & Text Alerts of Key Credit Changes
  • Internet Scan
  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • And much more!
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