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ProtectMyIDTM Mobile App

Get Your Surveillance AlertsTM Anywhere!

Have you ever received a ProtectMyID Surveillance Alert, but had to wait hours to log onto your computer to see the details?

With our exclusive members-only Mobile App for your iPhone or Android, you can see the details of your Surveillance Alerts immediately without having to log onto your computer. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, we've got an App for you. Here's what you can do with this App:

  • View a complete list of all your ProtectMyID Alerts: Internet Scan, Change of Address, and Credit Alerts.
  • Take your identity theft risk assessment and identify the habits you can change to protect your identity.
  • Get instant access to identity theft resolution tips.
  • Call our Identity Theft Resolution Team with the touch of a button.
Get Instant Access to Your Surveillance Alerts

You'll know the details of your Surveillance Alerts instantly with the ProtectMyID App. When you receive an Internet Scan, Change of Address, or Credit Alert, you can determine for yourself whether the Alert indicates identity theft.

  • An Internet Scan Alert indicates that your personal information, meaning your Social Security number, credit or debit card numbers are floating around the Internet.
  • A Change of Address Alert indicates that someone other than yourself may have changed your address, which can be an indicator of identity theft.
  • A Credit Alert indicates that new activity has been detected from one of the three credit bureaus.
Take Your Identity Theft Risk Assessment

By taking your identity theft risk assessment, you'll understand how your current behaviors and actions affect your level of identity theft risk. You can then modify your behaviors and retake the assessment to see how your risk profile changes.

  • 10-question identity theft risk assessment.
  • Instant results of your identity theft risk assessment.
  • Retake your risk assessment after you've implemented identity protection tips and see how it affects your risk profile.
Identity Theft Resolutions Tips

Whether you're traveling or just away from your computer, the ProtectMyID App gives you instant access to helpful tips and tricks so you know what to do if you believe your identity is at risk.

  • Simple 4-step process to help you navigate an identity theft situation.
  • Convenient button to call our Identity Theft Resolution Team.
  • Tips to help the identity theft resolution process.